Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been attached in some form to ASU for the past 5 years.
Today, the first positive thing happened to me in regards to that school...
I got a reply to an email (I sent 10 days ago) from Mathew Keller. The first line brought happiness to my life:
"I am pleased to inform you that your late fee appeal has been approved as a onetime courtesy, and future late fee appeals will not be considered."
The phrase "I am pleased to inform you" has not accompanied ASU in any of our interactions.
  • Like when my shoe broke the first day of classes and I was walking around on one billion degree sidewalks. The blisters that were close to follow sure as heck didn't say " I am pleased to inform you that we will be here causing you major pain for the next month!"
  • The dastardly substitute counselor that told me to take Portuguese 313 (when I really needed 316) didn't say "I am pleased to inform you that because I told you the wrong class to take, you now get to stay one more semester and pay us even more thousands of dollars!"
  • When the price of campus health insurance changed they didn't send me an email saying "I am pleased to inform you that we have tripled the price! You can now pay over 900 dollars a semester to get the most restrictive health care on the planet!"
  • My last required class that was out at the west campus didn't say "I'm pleased to inform you that you will have to drive over an hour each direction twice a week costing you even more in gas money!"
And the reason for the appeal in the first place...
  • Instead of taking my co-pay when I went to the ASU chiropractor in May, they decided it would be better to bill me via my email account. Seeing as I graduated, I have no need to check that account. Needing to send official transcripts ($15 each x 3) I logged into my asu account. To my surprise, there was a big fat red hold on my account and they wouldn't send out my transcripts. After calling 6 different numbers and getting transferred at least 4 times, I got to talk to someone who could tell me why I had a hold. I had a $3o fee for the Chiropractor and $45 of late fees. The voice on the other end of the phone definitely didn't say, "I am pleased to inform you that since we were morons and didn't mail you a bill until we had charged you $45 of late fees, you now get to pay $75 for one lousy chiropractic visit! :) "

I now have one positive memory to walk away with, from the great Arizona State University.

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