Friday, May 4, 2012

Be Optimistic, Don't You Be a Grumpy!

Dave wrote about the trip to DC. You can read about it here, here and here
Sometimes, my job can be hard. I imagine, that any job can have it's hard moments. In fact, I know I have moaned, on the phone and in person, to Lindsay White Sherman about almost every job I have ever had. It is always nice to get work crap off your chest and wake up and go to work the next day all clear of the crappy stuff before. However, with this job (door to door sales), complaining is like shooting yourself in the foot. Complaining and negativism are contagious and become a chronic problem which end up losing you money and stripping any motivation away. 

So, I am writing this post about Virginia and the many things I see and enjoy everyday. 

Town homes are everywhere out here. 
I don't think I have ever seen any like this in AZ. 
It is fun to see so many people in one area with such 
different lives and stories. These particular town homes
are a godsend because they don't each have 18 stairs to go up. 
Homes out here are so cute and well taken care of. 
I worked in this neighborhood last year and wanted
to live there. The houses were so cute and the people
were pretty nice. (I can take the onslaught of "no" 
but at least be nice about it!)

You can't see it very well, but there is a ridiculous mansion
off to the left behind the trees. It is totally gaudy and
 in such a random neighborhood. The house to the right
and all around are tiny, old homes built a long time ago. 
But, east Indian's know how to do it! Buy cheep land in
a random place and you can build a bigger house! 
Ok, so this I don't get. People pay and have these
wood fences put up around their homes. Then, 
they never put a finnish on it or paint it, just leave 
them to look like rotting wood. WHY? A 
bucket of paint can't cost that much, or better 
yet, have the company who installs it, pain it.

Everyone out here has little figurines in their 
yard. Some are of dears, some have little pigs,
some have noms, cats, dogs, porkupines.... weird!

I kept seeing these crazy huge buds that resembled
rose buds but were round. 

It turns out they are 
these super pretty roses. 

I passed this old, closed down building and couldn't help but take some photos. 

Pink sunset. Such a nice welcome to the evening. 

I know this is blurry, I took it while driving, 
but I thought it still turned out cool. 
This is the sky right after it rained. 

When I imagine heaven, I imagine it looking like this. 
Green everywhere that invites happiness. 
It would have to be 15 degrees cooler with 
no humidity to really be heaven though. 

There you go, There is a little taste of my life here in the big VA! 


  1. i think i want to move to virginia now.

    1. I'll miss all the green when I'm back in az

  2. Great blog Chelsie -I love your photos along with your cute dialogue. I want to live in those cute little houses with the covered porches too!

    1. Thanks Holly! I enjoy yours too! I do admit I usually read it on my reader so I don't comment, but I will remedy that!