Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is a Gus?

Change is good.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
And that is why I am changing my blog's URL.

I started my blog two years ago, Tuesday August 12, 2008.
I had every intention of blogging every Tuesday, so I put my URL as

Well, as my favorite line of a song says "the road outside my house is paved with good intentions". As good as my intentions were, it didn't happen. Chalk it up for another failure...

So, as to rid myself of the weekly reminder of my failures, I have decided to change my URL. I know that I may lose readers for this, but it was a much needed change! (Plus, according to Google Reader, I have 13 followers... so hopefully I can keep the whole bakers dozen!) I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I think this is exactly what will spice up my blog and motivate me to become blogher worthy for next year.

When you see:
Mind of A Gus
You may think, "what does it even mean?"

Today, my blogger friends, you will find out.
{However, I am quite sure I probably know all 13 of you followers and you'd already know, so this would just be a waist of both my time and your time, but in the event that there are readers who I don't know, I will commence my explanation.}

Growing up I loved to watch the classic Disney Movie, Cinderella. In small ways I related to Cinderella and loved to fantasize that my ending would end up like hers. {Still, to this day, I would love to have a shower via a soaked sponge twisted in the air above my head by two beautiful blue birds.}

I'll cut to the chase because there is no real need to go on and on for my love of that film. I will instead call your attention to one character that I also related to {even more so than Cinderella}, Gus Gus: the newly initiated, naked, chubby, and unacquainted mouse.

So innocent and happy, full of gumption and love.

Poor guy, he just didn't know the ways of the world.

The clincher for knowing Gus and I are MFEO {Made for Each Other} was when he went outside to pick up some corn kernel and had to pick them all up. He got his little chubby arms so full, he had to use his teeth to balance everything.

Yes, he had good intentions to take the food back and not have to go through the trouble of distracting cats, dogs, and chickens so often. But, good intentions don't always have good outcomes...

As, you can see, he lost all but one lousy piece of corn that probably won't even fill his tummy.

I have always been a go-getter. I was raised to have high expectations and not settle for mediocrity in myself. This lead to accelerated high school classes, concurrent college classes during high school, band, religion studies, a job... As a direct result to that, I always was in a hurry and had a lot of things to carry. Books, a flute, Scriptures, my work uniform, lunch... so a common sight was me walking from one class to another, or my car to the lockers, loaded so high with my needed paraphernalia, that I often looked like Gus Gus.

I still tend to keep myself fairly hectic all the time, and when I am too overwhelmed I recall those days and claim that I feel like Gus Gus.

Thus, I am a Gus.
And my random posts are what you'd find in the Mind of a Gus.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It was personal, metaphorical, cute, funny, silly, and meaningful. Thank you.