Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy B-Day AZ!

I spent my entire life hating Arizona.
I always told myself (and everyone I know) that I was getting the heck out-a here as soon as I could.
At first, I started traveling as a means of getting out in small increments.

I left for Idaho just after high school, convinced that I would never come back. I didn't know that towns as small as Rexburg even existed, so that only lasted a few months.
I then served a mission for 18months in Brazil. Even though I loved it I was so ready to come home. At the time, I was convinced it was because I wanted to use a washer and dryer again...
I spent a summer in Virginia and spent every available "anytime minute" on the phone with my family.
Now, I have moved out and up. I am in Utah for school and when I drove out with mesa's polluted sky in my rearview mirror, I thought I'd never look back.

Here it is, February and I am back in mesa for a visit. Yes, I was here in November for Thanksgiving. Yes, I was here in December for Christmas. Yes, I was here in January for MLK day. And yes, I will be coming back at least one more time before April to get my hair done. (A very logical reason to make a 10 hour car drive each way...)

Can we say HOME SICK or maybe HOMEBODY is a better description.

I have learned for my past escape attempts, that I will eventually end up back here. I love it here. I love everything from the freeways to the smells, but mostly I love my family. All of whom are here in Mesa.

So, here's a tip of the hat to AZ and all it has done to make me who I am.

Happy Birthday, until we meet again.

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