Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sometimes I Need Christina in My Life

If you know me at all, you would know that Grey's Anatomy is part of my life. Since 2005 these people have been part of my life. I may have a problem, remember what parasocial relationships are? Well, I have them with the whole cast! There have been 139 in the past 8 seasons of which I have seen each episode at least twice and yes, I have a favorite 3 minute scene that you can watch below. 

Even though my favorite scene is with Derrick and Meredith, my favorite character is Christina Yang.

Christina is a little rough around the edges and you wold never classify her as mushy or girly but she is a great friend. I am completely green with envy over her relationship with Meredith. On more than one occasion in my life I have thought that I would love to have a friend like Christina in my life.

As I have gone about life these last 26 years, I have had many friends.
Each friend so different and each friendship even more so.

I have had friends of convenience and friends who came as answers to prayers.
I've had friends made at play dates and some that were made at the lunch time misfit corner.
I've had friends that move on while other times I have moved on from friends.
I have friends that faded out as our paths separated and I have separated from friends without as much civility.
I have those awkward friends who are really my brothers friends (can they really be called my friends if I am just borrowing them?) and friends that were once just known as family.
I have had friends that I wished would end up more than just a friend and I have had friends that sucked the life out of me.
Finally, I have friends that will never need me the same way because their husbands have taken my spot on the "best friend" shelf. 

Christina is different though. She is always there when Meredith needs her. Like when she knew Meredith was having a hard morning she showed up and told her to get her butt out of bed. Or when she gets drunk with Meredith to help her drown out her dark and twisted-ness. But you know, one of the best things about a friend like Christina is that from time to time, she needs Meredith.

Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and I have a few lifelong friends whom I couldn't be whole without. This is just jealousy of a fictional friendship on a day when I just feel plain lonely. So, I can't say it better than Paul on 500 Days of Summer:
The girl of my dreams would probably have a really bodacious rack and maybe different hair and would probably be a little more into sports but truthfully, Robin is better than the girl of my dreams...she's real. 

Yes this was in context of a boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship but just work with me here.
The friend of my dreams would probably have a 6th sense for knowing when I need them and maybe be just different enough from me to keep me on my toes and probably be a little more into movies, eating out and shopping than sports. But truthfully, the friends I have are better than the friends of my dreams... they are real. 

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