Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who am I? - Vintage

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Who am I?

Stephen Covey has left me contemplating my life a lot lately. One thing that he has helped me to do, is identify my roles.

He wants me to not only answer the question of 
who am I but also,who will I be?
So, let's take a look at what roles I will have in my life as Chelsie Akers?

I am a:

and Mother.

These are my roles. I am (or will be) these things. So what do I hope to accomplish with each of these roles?

Daughter- I will make my parents proud of who I have become. I will always have their trust. I will some day some how pay them back for all they have done for me; financially and emotionally.
Sister- Our relationship will strengthen with every passing day. We will learn from each other. We will each have active roles in each others lives throughout adulthood.
Friend- They will always rely on me. I will be a confidant to each of them. We will always have adventures to bring us close when we drift apart.
Traveler- I will see all 50 states in the United States. I will never turn down an opportunity to travel and get to know a new culture. Traveling will never leave my life.
Student- I will get a Masters degree and possibly someday a PhD. I will continue learning throughout my whole life. I will learn from all situations earning an education through life not just a university. Which in turn will make me a teacher in a variety of ways. 
Employee- I will only work where I am happy. I will work to grow, gain experiences, and have fun. I will give my all time best at everything possible in order to maintain my dignity.
Wife- Our culture teaches us that one day, we will get married. And my goal, is that if/when the Lord leads me down that path, I will be able to give my whole heart and to be faithful. 
Mother- As hard as it is to be typed by my little fingers, if I am a mother some day I want to be the best gosh darn mother ever. 

This is who I think I am, but could that really be all I am? And can I really accomplish all of these things? How can a list look so small and inconsequential yet daunting and overwhelming at the same time...? 


  1. I think you will succeed at all these! Beautiful!

    1. I will keep trying, one day at a time! Thanks!